The politics of history
in relation to lost territories

Temat: How to address loss? Towards a new approach to the politics of history in relation to lost territories and the forced transfer of populations in Germany, in Europe and at its borders.

Czas trwania: 2015 – 2017

Kierownik projektu: dr Anne Bazin i dr Catherine Perron, Sciences Po – CERI /CNRS Paris.

Partnerzy projektu: prof. UAM dr hab. Beata Halicka opracowująca temat: The Kresy in Polish Memory. Between Lost Arcadia and the Bloodlands of East-Central Europe.

Partnerzy projektu: Université Paris Ouest, BKGE, University of Oldenburg, University of Trento, Université de Tours.


Considering that territorial losses and forced migrations have been a major trauma experienced by numerous European states during the XXth century, we intend to examine how the loss has been dealt with over time in countries that had to endure it in the public disputes over memory and history. What kind of legacies have these experiences left in the social fabric, in public memory as well as in domestic and foreign politics? What kind of public competition over the meaning of past events can be seen? What kind of interplay between official memory, history as a science and primary experiences (individual memories) can be observed?